Wrapping up BSides København 2019

Wrapping up BSides København 2019

Thank you to all you who participated and made it possible to create a successful community event and get it off the ground!  

Thank you to our sponsors, community sponsors and volunteers (AV-people, Goons and ticket handlers) for making the event possible in the first place.

Thank you to our amazing speakers for contributing with loads of interesting talks. 

As organizers we have received a lot of positive feedback at and after the event. But we want to learn and make 2020 even better.

We had the mandatory (minor) av glitches, we had an incident that prompted us to reference our code of conduct and yeah, we might have been a bit too ambitious with the number of talks... We should have left more room for breaks, talking and networking. If you have anything, positive or negative, to add to the list please, please let us know using Sli.do

We aimed to have a minimal environmental footprint and used recycled badges and lanyards, we used tap water as much as possible instead of plastic bottles and we donated all leftover food to students and two local homeless shelters.

Danish podcast Aflyttet visited the conference and created a special episode from the conference. (In Danish with some interviews in English.)

Watch this space and our Twitter account for announcements. If you have ideas and suggestions or want to help out creating next years event please get in touch now.

We hope to see you next year for an even better BSides København 2020.