Overview of volunteer roles and responsibilities

Overview of volunteer roles and responsibilities

In order to make sure the up and coming BSides København event can live up to the hype, we are looking for volunteers.

Show up this Thursday (03/10/19) at 1700 hours at ITU Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S.

We will be at the reception with a BSides København sign.


Goons/Volunteer Roles:

Track Manager (1 person)

Your tasks will include

  • Presenting each speaker
  • Keeping track of the allocated time slots for each speaker.
  • Informing speakers when their time is at the halfway mark and again with 5 min left.
  • Making sure that questions are dealt with in an orderly fashion.
  • Attendance in the auditorium will be a requirement for the duration of the conference day.

Recording Squad (Video/Audio/Photo) (2 persons)

NOTE: You need to bring your own equipment for the OSINT CTF; we have a GoPro that can be used if needed. For the main event at ITU we will have equipment on site.

Your tasks will include:

  • Recording the OSINT event that is scheduled to take place in the days prior to the BSides København main event (location TBD but in the greater Copenhagen area)
  • Edit the OSINT event so it’s ready for showing at the BSides København main event late afternoon.
  • Record the main event (talks and b-roll)
  • Edit the main event video
  • Liaise with the ITU staff on the audio portion of the talks
  • Take pictures at the venue
    • We need stock photos and various shots from the event, which we can use going forward for the website and other media. It is not a full time-document everything assignment, but we expect photos to be taken on and off during the day. Breaks are taken at own leisure.

Goon Manager (1 person)

Your tasks will include

  • Keeping track of the other Goons
  • Handle disputes
  • Tasks listed in the Original Goons description

Goon Squad (3 persons)

Your tasks will include

  • Help setting up the venue on conference day or the evening before.
  • Keeping the venue tidy
  • Registration (goons, speakers, sponsors, attendees)
  • General runner tasks (if we suddenly need an extension cord or a trojan horse made out of cardboard)
  • Keeping law and order
  • Making sure that pizza registration is conducted in an orderly fashion
  • Making sure the pizza guy(s) knows where to go and to setup the pizza bonanza
  • Help closing down the venue

What you get as a Goon/Volunteer:

  • Access to the main event for free
  • Secret Event (TBD)


What BSides København expects from a Goon/Volunteer:

  • You take responsibility and ownership of the venue and the event.
  • You set an example with excellent behavior and good spirit


Future Roles (work in progress):

  • Overall Volunteer Manager
  • SoMe Manager
  • Event manager (coordinate villages and extra events taking place during the main conference)
  • Sponsor manager (coordinating sponsors, contracts, any practical needs they may have)
  • Speaker manager (handling travel, accommodation and everything practical)